elbow cold forming machine on its way to Russia

After 7 days’ of loading 20 containers, we finally wrapped it up with the shipment stage of this big project 610mm and 426mm elbow cold forming machine, we are so proud of hard works we have achieved, the time and effort we have poured into this project, the service we have been doing from the very beginning to this very proudful moment, moreover we couldn’t have pulled this off without all the support from our dear customer Russia OMK. More than 2 years negotiation, back and forth communication and confirmation, to-the-very-detail production, strictest inspection from TUV, we are now very proud to announce that the YLT400A and YLT600A elbow machines are now on its way to our Russia customer and we will make sure it’s installed, commissioned and running perfect to produce the best product it can ever achieve.